Basic Editing Options

   There are different directions I can take a photo, and I usually pick one specific edit based on the look and feel that I'm going for. However, sometimes multiple looks actually would fit well with a particular image, so it can be difficult for even myself to make the hard decision on which look works best.  Here's an example:

Mix and match looks, styles, everything I do is custom and hand made. I don't work with presets or filters that I didn't create myself.

Skin Retouching

    Even my most flawless friends still sometimes get a blemish, even with perfect skin there's still blotchiness. Can I fix it? Heck yeah. I'm actually able to separate the skin color from the texture to maintain a sharp focused image while cleaning everything up.


Double Exposure

This is fun edit! It's important that I know we want to get this look beforehand though because it requires a specific style of shooting.

What I do is take another image and blend the two in photoshop. You can do this naturally with a camera by taking 2 exposures onto 1 film. Taking two exposures over on top of each other will give the brightest of the two images.


Dispersion can be super fun! However, it requires a lot of processing and ton of technical prowess. I made a time lapse video to watch if you're interested! :) 


   Creating a composite is really fun! But incredibly time consuming. There's lots going on in this image, but it's a great example of what's possible. I shot this biker behind a warehouse originally.

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