Jeremy Cowart: Forever my Inspiration

Learning about photography, I follow only a few people. Way less than I should, the number could be counted on only one hand. At the top of that list is Jeremy Cowart. Recently, flying back home from California, I met Jeremy Cowart at the airport terminal. We shared the same flight to Nashville, I was going home, and although Nashville is also his hometown, too, it was just a layover for him because his destination was Israel.

We only got to speak for a brief moment, I could tell that he was busy and working hard on his laptop for his latest project I'm sure. But when I approached him he greeted me with his iconic laid back warm feel. Didn't blow me off to continue his work, and had the appearance that what I was saying just so happened to be the most interesting thing he had heard all day. This is the attitude I can only daydream of attaining. I'll be working on this for myself but in the meantime, here's one of the most inspirational teachings he has ever taught. Despite his new viral video on his splash page on his website, which you can view here: