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Michael Foster (Puma)

Creativity runs deep in my genetics, it's an overwhelming compulsion to express vision and create something that is intrinsically captivating. My obsession to articulate a message with a captivating story or simply showcase beautiful design pushes the perfectionist I am to produce every day; Often late into the next morning.


How I started story...


I'm a second generation creative. My Dad, Travis Foster, runs an illustration agency with artists all over the globe and has done illustration himself for 25 years working with clients like NY Times Magazine, Readers Digest, Chronical Books, and much more.


I saw a need for businesses that can't afford top-level artists and designers, or a creative director, or even an ad agency. Even traditional billboards still often lack any creative direction that's effective. I recently made a video about my rant. You can check it out below "DesignIsKing"


But I did become a jack of all trades, I essentially had access to tools like top-end photography gear and the adobe suite products at a very young age. My Dad took ample time to teach me about lighting and composition, and I filled the gaps with Youtube, Lynda, Kellby training, and even facebook groups where they would offer CC (constructive criticism).

I started playing with my parent's Classic Canon 5D (was top of the line at the time) and was given a Canon MiniDV  recorder along with Final Cut to pair with the 2007 iMac when I was 13. I've been honing in on my craft as an artist ever since. To the right is a picture of my desk as it sits today.











My father: Travis Foster



- Jeremy Cowart,
Having been an avid fan of Jeremy since I was 14, watching videos online through Kelby Training, and recently getting to work with him, personally, in his studio I've learned and have been influenced by his work.


- Tim Tadder
I've always aspired to be as good as Tim when it comes to ad campaigns and product shots. His simplicity is unmatched. 
- Aaron Nace
By far the most prolific tutor on Ps, I've been studying Aaron's youtube-famous Phlearn channel for years.
-Josh Rossi
A fantastic commercial photographer.